Auroral vision is to "build a crypto-assets with increasing value, offering high returns and optimal security features to their holders".

Auroral (the establishment of the monetary system) gives hope to consumerism

1. Establish a monetary system linked to actual sales

2. Do not increase consumption burden, airdrop Auroral, and use consensus economy to realize future hope

3. Auroral Token is the currency of Aurora Metaverse, and sub-tokens can be set up under the parent token in the future

Contract Address


* Slippage:9-10%

Tokenomics and Special Features

Re-distribution to holders (Reflection)
3% of each transaction will be redistributed to all existing AURC holders as a passive income, based on the number of tokens held by them.
Auto allocation to Liquidity Pool
2% of each transaction will be allocated into the Liquidity pool on the PancakeSwap. Hence it will be helping to maintain the price flow on the transactions.
Massive Marketing & Development Goals
1% of each transaction will be assigned to the development wallet. It will be used for the future development of the project as specified in the Whitepaper.
Auto Burn
2% of each transaction will be burned by transferring tokens to the dead wallet to decrease the circulating supply along with time and increase the price of AURC.
Limited Supply
The maximum token supply will only be 1,000,000,000,000,000 AURC. Hence AURC token has a high probability of skyrocketing the price within a short amount of time.
Security Features
Liquidity locked forever on the uncx . Further details are available in the whitepaper.

Developer Wallet Address


Our Road Map

Stage I

  • Creation of the Social Media Accounts

  • Deployment of the Contract

  • Verification on BscScan

  • Launch of the Website

  • Release of the Whitepaper

  • Airdrop Campaign (I)

  • Pre-sale on uncx

  • Transfer Ownership

Stage II

  • Launch on PancakeSwap

  • Listings on Coin Voting Websites

  • Real-time Price Charts

  • Listing on the Coinsniper

  • Mall opened

  • Airdrop Campaign (II)

  • 500+ AURC Holders

  • $10M+ Market Cap

Stage III

  • Include AURC in Major Wallets

  • Listing on the Livecoinwatch

  • Listing on the coinhunt

  • Listing on the Coinsniper

  • Listing on the coindiscovery

  • Airdrop Campaign (III)

  • 1000+ AURC Holders

  • Listing on the crypto

Stage IV

  • Listing on the watcher

  • Listing on the yydscoins

  • Release Auroral NFT

  • 2000+ AURC Holders

  • Lucky Draw

  • Airdrop Campaign ( IV)

  • Start Auroral Token Swap

  • Public surveys and opinion polls

  • $1B+Market Cap